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I’m Not Done Yet has been lucky enough to work with some brilliant INDY’s, check out some of their feedback below.


“Thank goodness somebody mentioned you, I don’t think I would have found you by Googling. The half-day workshop and the questions you raised made me really dig deep as to what I want to do with myself and it was exciting to begin to plan my future with much more clarity and optimism than I have managed in the past. Whilst the workshop was challenging it was not scary, I came away with some clear ideas as to the immediate actions I wanted to take to get me on track. The really exciting part is that I have followed up on all the actions and things are now slotting into place.”

Clive Bingham, Wiltshire


“An informative workshop presented in a friendly but professional manner”. I particularly enjoyed the exercises working with others in the group. They helped to bring interesting ideas and thought processes to the fore”

Lesley Crowe, Hampshire