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I’m Not Done Yet has been lucky enough to work with some brilliant INDY’s, check out some of their feedback below.


“Thank goodness somebody mentioned you, I don’t think I would have found you by Googling. The half-day workshop and the questions you raised made me really dig deep as to what I want to do with myself and it was exciting to begin to plan my future with much more clarity and optimism than I have managed in the past. Whilst the workshop was challenging it was not scary, I came away with some clear ideas as to the immediate actions I wanted to take to get me on track. The really exciting part is that I have followed up on all the actions and things are now slotting into place.”

Clive Bingham, Wiltshire


“An informative workshop presented in a friendly but professional manner”. I particularly enjoyed the exercises working with others in the group. They helped to bring interesting ideas and thought processes to the fore”

Lesley Crowe, Hampshire


“There are no magic answers or quick easy solutions when you feel like a rabbit staring at headlights. But you can learn how to focus positively and constructively given the right support, guidance and inspiration and stop staring. Andrew’s patient and warm positive approach, straightforward and clear direction and empathy and experience all contributed to the most worthwhile and constructive two hours I have spent for an extremely long time. The course gave me space to explore, inspiration to imagine and the confidence to try out various ideas and options that will help me move forward to a more fulfilling and happier future. Thank you!”

Kate Mills, Hampshire


“Andrew is an expert in his field, and is an inspiration to those of us who are getting older but we’re “not done yet!” I find working with him really helpful.”

Alan Chatting, Devon