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Members of your team retiring or being made redundant?
Want to ensure that they get the best support in the transition ?
Team members over 50 who are looking for support and direction?

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Supporting your staff through whatever their working life throws at them will ensure you have the most productive workforce.

There are three career flashpoints when your team members might benefit from a bit of INDY support…


Your staff have supported your company throughout their career, now it’s time to give something back of use. No one really wants a carriage clock. Our Retirement -What Next? programme will help your staff member go into the next phase of their life with a deeper sense of purpose and a road map of which way to turn when they walk out of the company gates.


Great staff are hard to come by and the corporate landscape is getting even more competitive, leaving older staff members feeling vulnerable when they are employed and abandoned during redundancy. A reasonable financial package is the least you can do, but by also offering our Building A Positive Future After Redundancy package, you are giving them back their self-esteem and self-worth.


Many older staff members might be questioning their decision to stay at work, or maybe you are noticing a reduction in motivation or productivity. Our 50 plus – Maintaining Motivation programme will help your staff regain their inspiration and will help you see that INDY’s can be even more useful than a millennial with 150k followers on Instagram.

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Courses, coaching and consulting

INDY works with a huge variety of companies and can help in varying capacities, from one-off seminars or courses, ongoing coaching which provides employees with the benefits of INDY or consulting with companies to help them get more out of their staff at all ages.

Why work with INDY?

  • Take your social responsibility levels to the max.
  • Get the most out of your staff and improve morale whether staff are leaving or staying.
  • Provide yourself and your company with the latest tools which will empower your workforce to be the best it can be.

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