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About Us

What do Charles Darwin, Jack Cover (the inventor of the taser gun), Colonel Sanders and million-dollar artist Grandma Moses have in common?

They all found success after they turned fifty (in some cases many years after!).

I’m Not Done Yet is a destination website full of inspiration, support and resources to help you find direction and purpose past the big five-oh.

We also provide coaching to INDY’s who would like more clarity and direction in their lives.

And we run a free Community where you can talk to others INDYs and access special content.

We’re all at the mercy of the decisions we made yesterday whether we were 49 or 16 at the time. INDY is here to help you make the best decisions about your future so that you can continue to be successful, profitable and most importantly, happy.

INDY is the brainchild of Andrew Middleton, who recognised the need for a safe and inspiring space where age is only a number, skill sets can grow, and reinvention is expected.

If you feel that I’m Not Done Yet, INDY is here to help you get your mojo back.