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2 Jul 2017

The Craft Economy – making money part time from your hobby

It’s a Saturday morning, somewhere  in the South of England and stall holders are setting up for a regular Craft Fair.  Nearly 50 stalls are located around a marquee bearing goods to be sold.  Some are bought in from wholesalers but a good number are filled with goods made by the stall holder at home.

This is part of the new craft economy, where individuals are using hobbies and skills to create goods for sale at local events. They vary from wood-turning to handmade bunting, as individuals earn additional income.

The Daily Telegraph recently reported “One in 10 make an extra £2,000 a year from hobby businesses” and that “Microbusiness is booming in the UK, and one in 10 UK adults now make additional spending money from their favourite pastimes”

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