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Would coaching help your 50+ employees?

Are you worried that you are not getting the best from your 50+ employees?

We can offer a range of coaching and workshop interventions from drop-in sessions to individual coaching.

Drop-In Sessions (from £500 per session)

You provide us with a quiet and comfortable meeting space and your employees can book a drop-in session to talk to one of our coaches. We help them focus on their work and future.

Individual Coaching six monthly packages  £1500-£2500)

Many companies book a package of ongoing coaching for individual 50+ employees. This can take place in person face to face at the workplace or online via video conference call (people find this convenient to allow them to fit mentoring into a busy schedule).

Each session is designed to give you support and help the employee deal with the issues they face at work. During the sessions, we will use Out CLARITY methodology to look at their values, realistically look at circumstances and build a strategy to move them in the right direction.

Our aim is to reinvigorate their work mojo or drive a conversation that allows you and the employee to mutually discuss options.