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20 Jul 2017

How to spot an INDY

Over last two years, I have noticed a very distinct tribe of people emerging with specific and potentially unmet requirements (I call then the INDYs – I’m Not Done Yets).

Aged 50+, they are not willing and/or financially able to follow a conventional retirement pattern.

Many are at the age when they may want to move to a more flexible working style (with family responsibilities or changing personal circumstances). Some need to work to maintain their income and lifestyle.

You can probably name INDYs that you know, who actively demonstrate I’m not done yet. They are the ones embracing new work trends and proving they bring some very useful skills and experience to the workplace. They are setting up new businesses and are the ones who don’t seem their age.

INDYs are just not prepared to accept a lesser lifestyle, they want to have very fulfilling and enriched lives – and they look for ways to allow this.

It’s well reported that society cannot afford a high social bill – we need to encourage self-sufficient financially active and independent older people. And really importantly we must not lose what is a significant and very valuable experience and knowledge base if we allow the INDYs to leave the working population.

The concept of the I’m Not Done Yet is very simple. We aim to open doors to different ways of thinking, working and being for both individuals and organisations. The approach gives people the flexibility to adapt to different emerging working environments and to reflect their own set of needs and circumstances.