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Andrew Middleton, Founder

I began work as a tea maker and filing clerk in a travel agency over 40 years ago. I was bright eyed, and bushy tailed, and my lack of qualifications and direction did not faze me. I was getting paid and no longer at school, I was happy.

Since then, I have had what HR departments like to call a portfolio career, working in many different roles and industries. But one thing common to everyone position I held was helping people and companies reach their goals and objectives through clearly defined strategies.

I have been lucky enough to work all over the world and became adept at spotting trends, and in turn was able to pivot my career several times to maintain employment and enjoy my work.

Recognising my talent for creating strategies that helped prevent problems and create opportunities, I shaped my career around it.

I became a commercial corporate technologist and then went into management consultancy, before finding a passion for non-profit organisations. In 40 years, I have never once been unemployed while enjoying the variety of interesting and fulfilling work with corporates, SMEs, charities and VIP’s.

I found myself in my mid-fifties creating a plan to maintain my income while using my experience and skills. My father and grandfather did not retire, so I have never seen what conventional retirement looks like up close.

To assess my fate, I used the talent that had served me so well in helping companies avoid pitfalls. I quickly realised that I would need to create a strategy which was based not only on building my own skill set but also having the confidence to shout about it.

And thus, I’m Not Done Yet (aka INDY) was born, helping people find strategies to reinvent and enjoy their lives  over 50.

The challenges for those 50+ are huge, we not only have covert and overt ageism to contend with but our own changing personal and financial needs and expectations.

INDY is designed to help everyone remain useful, profitable, and successful while showing the world that INDY’s (the I’m Not Done Yets) have unique and valuable gifts which can be of use to everyone.