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  1. A person aged over 50 who lives their life on their own terms.
  2. Someone who proclaims “I’m not done yet!”.


Us 50 & 60-year olds of today aren’t the same as those of previous generations. We came of age during some of the most significant times of change in popular culture. We are the generation of anything goes, we have no blueprint for how to behave and what to do as a 50+.

We are the INDY’s: the I’m Not Done Yet’s, the trailblazers, the innovators… those who are living life with passion and purpose. We are the pioneers, we are the first generation with this level of freedom and we are just as viable, vibrant, useful, and exciting as we’ve always been.

Here at I’m Not Done Yet you can find inspiration, support and resources to ensure that your “life after 50” is just as awesome as it always has been.


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  • Living a 100 Year Life

  • How to Live to 100+ The secrets of the Blue Zones

  • What's an INDY? Are you one?

  • Think you are finished in your fifties

  • How I became an entrepreneur at 66

  • What next - can we help?

  • The rise of the "Olderpreneur" - why more people are starting businesses in their 50's and 60's

  • How to deal with Redundancy

  • Do you need to lose your Identity on retirement?

  • Pension advice for your 50's

  • Life Lessons from 100 year olds

  • Turn your hobby into your full time job


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